Overhead Presentations

Part 1 - Fundamentals

Chapter 1 - Introduction (PPT)
Chapter 2 - The Modelling and Simulation Process (PPT)

Part 2 - DEDS Modelling and Simulation

Chapter 3 - DEDS Stochastic Behaviour and Data Modelling (PPT)
Chapter 4 - A Conceptual Modelling Framework for DEDS (PPT)
- ABCmod Constructs (Word file)
- Port ABCmod Conceptual Model (Word file)
- Port ABCmod Conceptual Model - Versions 2 and 3 (Word file)
- ABCmod Standard Modules (Word file)

Chapter 5 - DEDS Simulation Model Development (PPT)
- Kojo's Kitchen ABCmod Conceptual Model (Word file)
- Kojo's Kitchen Java Simulation Model (Word file)
- ESAttributeList and ESOutputSet Classes (Word file)
- Kojo's Kitchen Process Oriented Simulation Example (Word file)
- Port GPSS Simulation Model (Word file)

Chapter 6 - Experimentation and Output Development (PPT)


Chapter 7 - Modelling of Continuous Time Dynamic Systems (PPT)
Chapter 8 - Simulation with CTDS Models (PPT)
Chapter 9 - Optimization


Annex 1 - Probability Primer (Not available)
Annex 2 - GPSS Primer (PPT)
Annex 3 - Open Desire Primer (PPT)
- Open Desire Bouncing Ball Example (Word file)

All Power Point Files
All Word Files

Modelling and Simulation Projects

Project Methodology (Word)
Project Template (Word)

Example Simulation Models

Java Event Simulation Software

JAR File
Link to Colt Project at CERN (to download colt.jar)
- Download version 1.2.0
- JavaDoc documentation is also available at this link

Event Simulation Model Examples (Java)

Port Simulation Model - Version 1 (Zip file)
Port Simulation Model - Version 2 (Java file)
Port Simulation Model - Version 3 (Java file)
Kojo Kitchen Simulation Model (Zip file)
Kojo Kitchen Simulation Model (Multiple Alternatives) (Zip File)